Make data-driven decisions with a complete set of business management tools to provide operational visibility, scalability, and marketing intelligence.

Comprehensive and end-to-end business management solutions offering multi-process delivery and efficiency through:
  • Customized Online Ordering System
  • Immediate Financial Insights
  • Seamless Product Movements from Procurement to Sales
  • Optimized Operations
  • Enhanced Employee Management
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management

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Start Managing Business Online

Your product line-up looks amazing and you are all set to go to the market with your offerings? Your website looks great. Don't change a thing! Make business simpler by combining your back-end and front-end in one-page view!

Just pop our TRSmartBooks button and you are good.

This solution offers features such as product cataloging, online ordering, online invoicing, bookkeeping and accounting, customer management systems, employee management systems, marketing and social media – functionalities that trace your business’ value chain.

NO Commission Fees

Save money on commission fees. We don't charge you on per order basis. You get paid directly to your bank account, everyday! For a flat and low amount per month, you will be taking orders online and have customer service 7 days a week. No hidden fees!
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