How it works?

How it works !

We analyse your needs carefully

Turn your website traffic in to loyal customers. When people find you ensure that they can place orders conveniently with you, irrespective of the devices they use.

We can custom design and build an online business management website for you. We can collaborate to design a website that mirrors your value proposition using your logo, brand colors, themes and images.

Alternatively, we can integrate our online business management system into your existing website and ensure a seamless experience for your customers while ordering online.

We provide best solutions

When an order has been placed, the system will notify you. You can avail of notifications in a number of available formats such as automatic print (including receipt printers), email, text message/ SMS, and Online Menu dashboard.

Grow your business with us

Continual monitoring, evaluation and modifications are critical to success of any business. Using TRSmartbooks’ monitoring mechanisms, get a comprehensive overview of all your business operations. The fully-integrated system helps you with customized notifications to enable timely actions and course corrections.

You can now start managing all your business
operations by combining your front-end and your back-end online.

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